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Read what other horse owners and lovers have to say about Tanja and her natural horsemanship training style

“Just Ask The Horse”

“Tanja Fichera is a unique individual. From an academic standpoint, she is an insatiable learner. This makes her an exceptional teacher. From being a world class athlete herself, she understands movement, physiology, exercise and health. But where she truly excels is in her ability to understand and connect with both humans and their horses.

Tanja has a firm grasp of the neuroscience, with an intimate understanding of the horse’s brain functioning. She knows the how, what and why of a horse’s behaviors, reactions and nervous system. This understanding allows her to optimize the learning environment creating situations so that the horse can succeed, understand, connect, process information and learn while feeling safe. This is the same environment she creates for her students.

I have seen Tanja’s work giving a young horse a good start and first saddling without dust and upset. I have also seen her work inviting a horse that many would call troubled to begin anew, with a reset of its nervous system. Tanja’s best endorsement comes from the horse’s, just ask them!”


Dr. Stephen Peters
Equine Neuroscientist
Co-author “Evidence-based Horsemanship”

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“Helped my horse understand that a trailer doesn’t have to be scary”

  I reached out to Tanja Fichera of True Feel Horsemanship for help loading my horse in a trailer. He had fallen in our trailer during an evacuation and when he was asked to get in a trailer again it took three people with brooms, a whip, and a lot of yelling to get him in.

Fast forward 6 months- he was injured and needed to have surgery. We tried to get him in a trailer, but he wanted nothing to do with it. We had a lot of “help” from a lot of people with the best intentions, we tried several different trailers, but, if a 1200# animal doesn’t want to do something no amount of “coxing” is going to get him in (safely) if he doesn’t want to get in. I needed to fix this and have him load in a trailer calmly and safely for his sake (and ours).

Tanja came to our barn and in under two hours had him walking in and out of the trailer like the accident had never happened. No brooms, no whips, no yelling, no treats. She came back the next day and we did it again, this time closing the door and finally taking him for a ride in the trailer. It was truly remarkable to watch him walk in and stand quietly with no hesitation.
Tanja was gracious enough to come again and drive him to the hospital for his surgery. She couldn’t be there when he came home but with all the work, she had done with him and with all she had taught me (it really is the humans that need to be taught) I was able to get him loaded in the trailer with no problem and he had a safe trip home. I cannot thank Tanja enough for the gentle, caring approach she took with our horse to help him understand getting in a trailer doesn’t have to be scary.”

~Tonya Jones

“Build confidence with your horse”

Her teaching style makes you comfortable and confident. She teaches natural horsemanship and is phenomenal with students and horses alike!

~Ciara G.

“A trainer who goes above and beyond and makes riding a joy”

“Tanja Fichera is fluent in this beautiful language of the horse and I knew within ten minutes of meeting her that I wanted to train with her and learn it, as well. Transmitting that knowledge to her students is Tanja’s passion, as is continuing to learn more herself. Regardless of your discipline, imagine your horse wanting to do what you want him to do, not out of fear, but understanding. That’s the goal and that’s what Tanja tirelessly worked on with me and my horses .And as a trainer she goes above and beyond every single day. For me, riding was always good exercise and good therapy. Tanja infused it with joy and made it so much fun, as well.”

~Beth T.

Tanja really understands horses and what you can/cannot expect from them

I really love what I’ve learned thus far about Horsemanship, it really feels as if you’re developing a real relationship with your horse. Tanja is amazing, she really understands horses and what you can/cannot expect from them, it’s an understanding built from a lifetime with horses – from truly learning to listen to their body language and knowing their personality, and some patience… I have no doubt we’ll get there when Tanja is guiding us through it.

~Kelsy V.

I’ve grown so much as a rider and as a horsewoman”

I can’t thank Tanja enough for all she has taught me about horses, riding, and natural horsemanship. I truly feel as though I’ve grown so much as not only a rider but as a horsewoman from taking lessons with Tanja. She is extremely knowledgeable about all things horses and her caring demeanor makes her a fantastic trainer/teacher for anyone looking to develop a better relationship with their horse. I cannot recommend Tanja enough!!

~Sarah M..

“My horse is in good hands!”

Tanja kept my old soldier in splendid condition and taught him new moves with skill and kindness”

~Holly B.

As soon as I met Tanja, I could tell she was one that was born that way. She ‘gets horses!’ What I love about her most, is that when she is working with you, it is all about you, the human, and your horse, and never makes you feel like a dork. Her approach is not about power or control through gritted teeth, it is about getting inside of you and your horse’s brain. From there she customizes to focus on what you need. Tanja had several weeks of daily training with my horse in order to get a handle on the root cause of his behavior. After that, the focus was on my learning about how I was contributing to the problems and how to anticipate and support his issues in a way that made him feel confident, but still understood who was in charge without hitting him over the head with a 2’x4’. To Tanja, it is all about you and your horse being a team, with consistency and patience. She never loses her cool and never rushes the process. Her goal is for the horse to respond to your requests with the least amount of pressure and stress. One of her strengths is to build the courage of the rider with the skills and abilities to keep a forever solid foundation. Tanja has forever changed my understanding of horses, riding with consistency and confidence.

Elizabeth R.

Tanja has forever changed my understanding of horses”

“I wish I had started this training years ago!”

“Tanja introduced us to horsemanship a couple years ago, and within a matter of weeks, I saw a positive change in Cisco. It’s pretty amazing how quickly horses adapt and respond. She helped me change my behavior to allow him to make choices instead of me forcing the answer on him. I feel like now we have a true horse-human partnership, rather than a dictatorship. With Tanja, I learned the value of working with my horse on the ground first, how to adjust my body language and pay close attention to his response. I learn something new every time I work with Cisco, sometimes we have a huge ah-ha moment and sometimes it’s just something simple, but it’s always rewarding. I feel like he enjoys it as much as I do. Horsemanship training has been a real trust and confidence builder for both of us. I often wish I had started this training years ago (when we were showing) but I’m so grateful to be practicing it now.”

Jonni B.



“I haven’t experienced many horse trainers comparable to Tanja Fichera, owner of True Feel Horsemanship. I trailer over two hours just to gain from Tanja’s expertise. She has a way of making me feel at ease while pushing me to progress outside of my comfort zone. In just four months, Tanja has guided my horse, Cricket, and me to a new level. She uses techniques based on softness, connection, and skills that result in a beautiful partnership between horse and rider.

Tanja genuinely cares about helping horses & riders reach that perfect balance. Her instruction blends knowledge, a calm presence, and a sense of humor to personalize the work based on individual needs of horse and rider.

Through Tanja, the growth Cricket and I have made has been immeasurable. We are both excited and motivated to continue on our True Feel Horsemanship journey toward building an amazing partnership.”

~Beth Andrews

Worth trailering two hours to train with Tanja”

Beth A. reviewing horse trainer tanja fichera
“You’re trying to figure out a way to meet a horse to where he can understand. And to me, it’s not to train a horse, it’s to try to get the horse with you where it’s one mind and one body. You may spend your whole life chasing that, but it’s a good thing to chase.”

~Buck Brannaman

“Every time you interact with a horse, you are teaching the horse.”

~Buck Brannaman

“The horse is a great equalizer, he doesn’t care how good looking you are, or how rich you are or how powerful you are – he takes you for how you make him feel.”

~Buck Brannaman